I've come to find that I seem to only have two work modes: either wired - due to extreme pressure, expectations and/or time constraints – or bored. No in between. Often dissatisfied but with no intention of settling, I have so far gone from a position to the next, firmly intent on always learning something and making the experience beneficial. However, as I leave my current position (which I’ve only occupied for two short weeks) for a new one, I can’t help but wonder whether I will ever find the right job for me. I mean, aside from the lucky few who are fortunate enough to walk into a position that they love, what does the rest of the world do? And if settling is not an option, than what is? The more I think about it and the more it seems that the millennials in all their bold unhindered youth have it right. It is no longer necessarily about finding the right job and even less about adjusting oneself to fit a job, but rather about creating one's own path through multiple experiences, wearing multiple hats, and entrepreneurship. 

Perhaps at this stage I may not be finding the job that I want but instead getting the job(s) that I need. For we all have an at least vague, if not clearly cut out, idea of what it is that we would like to do and accomplish in life. And when that idea is vague, experience, much as is the case with any relationship, is needed to sort through what it is that you don't want in order to ultimately come closer to what it is that you do want. 

So as I embark on yet another position (life is made of trial and error they say..) I remind myself of the value there is in trying different things, whilst holding out hope that hard work, no matter in what direction, will ultimately bring me closer to where I want to be.