After an exhausting 24 hours travelling (thanks to a delayed flight and resultant 13 hours’ layover) we finally made it to Manila. Suffice to say, we were after a good night sleep and restful couple of days before heading to Boracay for the New Year.

The Henry Hotel provided just that. A much welcome haven from the hot and heavy Manila streets, the tasty breakfast and oasis like pool made it hard to leave.

If there is one thing to see in Manila, it’s the city’s historic core. Aptly named intramuros, this 16th century stone citadel exuded Latin American appeal and stunned by its colonial style villas, colourful streets and strong character. Manila is not pedestrian friendly, which made wandering intramuros that much more enjoyable. However, if you do move around the city, be sure to hop on a pimp my ride worthy jeepney – rumour has it, they might soon be gone.