Having spent almost six months in Beirut, I had been tempted time and again to head up to Tripoli. However, faced with the usual lack of time and characteristic local disapprobation towards venturing out of the city, it took me being in the right company at the right time to take the leap. 


Home to the International Fair (Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center), Tripoli boasts the unfinished and unmistakable architecture of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Wandering among the different concrete structures - dome, arch, open air theatre - standing tall against the city's backdrop, one cannot help but be transported by this otherworldly fairground. Grand works of a visionary turned futuristic oversized playground, the Tripoli fair exemplifies the triumph of imagination over crisis and ruins.

To say that Tripoli isn't a touristy city would be an understatement. Yet the unique perspective in being the only 'foreign faces' is something that I've come to appreciate more and more. Whilst wandering the streets of Tripoli, I was taken by the beauty of its run down mediterranean charm and the serenity of its quiet streets.