Reformation dress (similar  here  and affordable  here )

Reformation dress (similar here and affordable here)

What better way to end the summer run than on this flawless Reformation dress. Though I've only become acquainted with the L.A brand very recently, I could not wait to make up for lost time. With a simple retro aesthetic, the brand meets both my need for a perfectly form fitting dress to carry me through summer days and my desire to be more eco-conscious. Crafted out of lightweight georgette fabric, this midi length dress has vintage appeal with a modern twist. I fell for the cross strap back and warm pastel yellow tone. I mean, can you blame me? The perfect combination of casual and cute, this dress carried me effortlessly from day to night.

The appeal of slow fashion is undeniable, in particular when considering the lessened impact, not only on the environment, but also on the individuals behind the garments. With brands such as Reformation -whose collections are majoritarily designed and manufactured in the US- there is an emphasis on accountability for the who, the where and the how. The brand sources sustainable fabrics and vintage garments to create beautiful pieces whilst reducing their environmental impact. 

It is increasingly apparent that design is not compromised by ethical sourcing and manufacturing, however, price does tend to be. Though Reformation has managed to maintain its prices in the mid range of the scale, it is still far above the prices offered by fast fashion giants. Unfortunately, most budgets do not allow for the price bracket slow fashion tends to sit in, which dictates consumption to a large degree.

Not one to turn down a spot of shopping, I have however become increasingly conscious of the toll that such consumption takes on the planet and ultimately on ourselves. Abundance breeds overconsumption and yet studies show that on average, people only wear 20 percent of the clothes in their closet on a regular basis. With all this in mind, I am embracing the buy less but buy better motto and feel more and more compelled to invest in quality pieces that will outlast seasonal trends.  

Aside from the expenses saved, choosing to invest in choice pieces that will last more than a season over a multitude of throwaway fast fashion items is a stand for sustainability. This may seem obvious, but focus should therefore be on high-rotation items, which need not necessarily be high value but do require high quality for durability; those items that won't fill you with regret every time you open your wardrobe because six months post purchase they have yet to be worn (I'm looking at you skintight vinyl pants)! One can't be faulted for a few special low rotation items. But suffice to say that, as is often the case, less truly is more.