With every new year comes the obligatory year end inventory of the year’s successes and failures, dutifully followed by the making of a list of resolutions, all intended to help ‘better’ ourselves. And whilst I continue to appreciate the value in keeping ourselves accountable, I have realised that in the age of social media this has taken the form of a surface level comparative in which we invariably find ourselves lacking. We set goals and chastise ourselves at the slightest misstep along the way to achieving said goals; so much so that we often fail to recognise how far we’ve come, too busy worrying about the next thing.

We are well into the second month of the year and whilst I remain intent on not making resolutions I won’t keep, I am still left thinking that the contours of this year’s design should be coming into sharper focus by now. But as I immersed myself in the festivities of Chinese New Year this past week end, I felt a renewed resolve to spend more time on the things that matter, afford less mind space to those that don’t and above all that, to be kinder to myself.