If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen this piece. I just cannot get enough of it. You know the kind of piece you wear all the time, with everything, until it falls apart (or you get sick of it); well this is it. Having purchased it from the Zara store at Heathrow airport right before my flight to Tokyo, I felt the asian inspired print and sharp suiting would make a great addition in my already bulging suitcase. Though at the time I hadn't contemplated much wear past that trip, it turned out to be the perfect cover up for Melbourne's windy winter weather and an all round hero piece to stand out at an event. But enough about the jacket and more about this lipstick.

Since meeting the boy, I have been increasingly swayed by his requests for me to embrace the 'natural' look and to generally wear less -if any- make up. Not a bad thing overall, though boys do often tend to miss the point about make-up. By that I mean that, unlike what is often assumed, sometimes it isn't about hiding or covering something up, it's simply about feeling confident and well yes, pretty too. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that a girl needs make up to be pretty, far from it. But sometimes, and bear with me here, a girl may need make up to help her feel pretty. I know I often do. And although it is incredibly liberating not to rely on products for self-acceptance, it is or at least can be a long road; so what's the harm in getting a little tinted help along the way.

For some of us it's a little concealer, for others it's a red lip. Doing whatever makes you look and, more importantly, feel your best is your prerogative. So whatever enhances your best features and makes you feel like you, do that. I tend to stick to the classic concealer/blush/mascara trio on a daily, but when I do want to switch it up and add a little glamour, a red lip is definitely my go to. Mac's ruby woo is a cult classic but its ultra matt formula is unforgiving for dry lips. Cue Armani's lip maestro (worn here in shade 400): a highly pigmented liquid lacquer with a creamy texture and velvet matte finish. Legend has it that the iconic shade 400 is Mr. Armani‚Äôs signature colour and that, in his quest to create a universally flattering red, he rejected 95 shades before the perfect red was born. Hard to argue with that.