To counter the impending gloom brought on by my being permanently on the wrong side of my twenties (and a little more so every year), I was determined to reignite my birthday travelling tradition, which had gone amiss last year. Not only would it release me from the oppressing sense of birthday failure for lack of a large party, but it would also allow me to focus on the simple things in life: good food and great company.

Deciding on a nearby destination to spend my birthday weekend was fairly easy. In dire need of vitamin sea (and D), I looked to the Mediterranean for some options, and with only 40 minutes flight time from Geneva, Nice ticked all the boxes. The weather reminiscent of early summer days, we were torn between the desire to lazily lay on the beach and our eager will to get lost in the city and explore every alley. Rest assured, we had ample time to do both!

I aspired to reach that carefree idleness southerners fondly refer to as farniente and I am happy to report that this objective was met!