Having lived in multiple countries over the past few years I have become very much accustomed to the fine art of moving. Pack, send, unpack, repeat. Except, this time is different. Not only am I looking forward to a little stability, I was also very much excited at the prospect of furnishing and decorating my own place. Having always preferred furnished places as a better fit for my somewhat itinerant lifestyle, it is the ultimate luxury to settle somewhere I can truly make my own. And after a week of sitting on the floor, I finally found the perfect set of couches to complete our minimalist interior. 

A constant work in progress, I am now on the hunt for the perfect rug to complement the wooden floors and add some coziness to the room. And in the meantime, I'll just cozy up on the couch with my chunky Uniqlo wool jumper, a good book and a cuppa.