On the road to finding true personal style -which as we all know is paved with trial and error- not many trends stand the test of time. Instead, an understanding of flattering shapes, colours and styles remains. One that now also tends to include consideration for accountability and sustainability.

An integral part of fashion, trends are often both inspiring and absurd. By virtue of their cyclical nature, trends come and go in a perpetual bid to outdo what has already been done and make new with what has been drawn from past inspiration. This exhausting innovation race often falls short of the increasing demand for quality, durability, and wearability.   

There are, however, some classics that go beyond the trend. Such is the case of true staples, the very same that will live on in our wardrobes and compose our outfits throughout the years without ever losing their appeal. Though the Prince of Wales fabric falls squarely into this category, it has also now become one of the most ubiquitous patterns in modern fashion. This year's top fall trend some say, and rightly so -just go ahead and

check your instagram feed. But more than that, it is a sign of the times that this heritage print has departed from its traditionally masculine and formal aesthetic to embrace edgier pairings.

Taking a relaxed approach to power dressing, this hourglass blazer has undeniable appeal for its flattering yet powerful cut and neutral check pattern. Worn with winter whites for a more casual look, it also stands out in my workwear wardrobe with its matching skirt or paired with clashing prints and combat boots; the possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, trends are to the dresser what guide books are to the traveller: a conventional map to follow rather than an invitation to explore the beauty of the unusual, individual and personal paths. Though they can be helpful to navigate the changing cultural times, they are only passing references, a finite stop in a much greater world of possibilities. The key then, is interpreting them to fit ones own aesthetic, or better still, simply finding whatever suits you.  


Blazer: h&m - cashmere jumper: vintage (similar here) - jeans: Topshop (similar here and here) - shoes: topshop - sunglasses: massada eyewear