We had only just arrived (my first time in Australia) and in true Australian fashion, we were already getting ready to hit the road. The Boy had planned for us to crash -albeit briefly- his friend's couple's road trip across the country and, excited as I was to finally meet them, I couldn't wait to join the ride. We met up for breakfast in one of Melbourne's many delicious cafés and after a little planning and a lot of pancakes, we were ready to head out. 

Excitement was at an all time high as we headed out of Melbourne to make our way down the Great Ocean Road. Talk about a great introduction! The journey is as wondrous as the destination. A true feast for the eyes, it's hard not to stop every two minutes as we drive along the rugged coastline. But with the sun setting as early as 5:30, the days are short and so each hour counts. 


After an overnight stop along the way, complete with a once in a lifetime van-rooftop tent experience (yes, really), we pushed forward with our sights set on reaching the twelve Apostles before dark. The full car park and crowded walk path were strong indications of how popular this site is. Having arrived a little before five, we were graced with the most beautifully eery light glowing over the 12 -or so- Apostles. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like it and am eternally grateful to Quinten who was kind enough to let me borrow his camera so that I could capture these shots. So if ever you are in the area, head there for the golden hour; the light right before sunset alone is worth the trip.