Clean, minimal separates carry me through everyday life and evening attire is no different. On this particular evening I was heading out to a gallery opening, for which I sought to concoct the perfect high low balance of an outfit - formal with a hint of nonchalance.

You might say I have a penchant for white shirts and blouses, and you would be right. There is an ease about them that is truly timeless. Whether it's complementing a fresh tan, elevating otherwise casual wears or maintaining your failsafe workwear formula, the white blouse has year round appeal. Current updates on the classics keep the offerings fresh and exciting; what with the wealth of exaggerated sleeves, structured shoulders and fine detailing, these silhouettes feel right for now. 

Since I like the idea of peacocking as much as the next person, my starting point had to be Mango Committed Collection's eco-friendly structured sleeves and ruffle trimmed power shoulder blouse. Cut from organic cotton into a structured oversized fit, this top features voluminous caps over the blouses' puff sleeves for a fashion-forward twist. This Henry VIII meets Dynasty aesthetic was achieved by teaming the top with high waisted step hem jeans and my beloved Ferragamo vintage tote. 

There is nothing nuanced about shoulder pads and balloon sleeves. The 80s throwback is strong without, however, falling into the caricature of the 80s working girl. Whereas power shoulders found their origins in a need for camouflage, a means of disguising the female figure, they are now showcased as a means of accentuating a woman’s shape. This prominent silhouette is no longer mimicking menswear; quite to the contrary, it it celebrating female strength.

Because you know what they say: 

the bigger the shoulders...

the more powerful the woman.

Mango Committed Collection blouse (SIMILAR HERE AND HERE)- H&M jeans (similar here) - Leoil shoes - Ferragamo vintage bag