It's that time of year again. Time to trade coat for leather jacket and polo neck for silk blouse (or something similar to that effect). A couple of years on and I still reach for this Sandro beauty as soon as the first rays hit. There is something quite special about the right leather jacket. One of those timeless pieces that will go with pretty much everything and better yet, add that much coveted edge to an otherwise plain or too pretty outfit.

Having first debated the fishnet socks trend, I have come to dive into it feet first (ha!) - for which I of course blame prolonged and repeated exposure to exhibits of the likes on Instagram. And I can honestly say that, minus the questionable tan lines and few odd looks I got, they are quite alright. A fun and somewhat alluring middle ground between the thick winter opaque tight and summer bare foot.


Transitioning into spring is always exciting, particularly when the weather is reminiscent of early summer days. And what better way to spend the week end than with a little road trip somewhere close enough to make the travel hassle free but far enough to enjoy a wondrous lakeside drive and most welcome sense of escape from everyday concerns.

In keeping with my carefree attitude du jour, I opted for a small cross body bag that came all the way from Peru, which the Boy picked as it reminded him of THAT green lining in my leather jacket and therefore seemed the least offensive colour choice for the girl who always wear black. It goes without saying that I absolutely love it. What can I say, the Boy’s got taste.

silk Shirt : H&M - Leather Jacket : Sandro (similar here) - Denim : H&M - loafers : Mango (similar here)