Remember the times when talking to a friend meant picking up the phone and actually talking to them? Yes, well, neither do I. It seems a distant time, when full of teenage angst and fresh gossip we would spend whole evenings holding up the landline in the name of the all mighty phone call. In an age of ever increasing interconnectivity, we seem to have however drifted further away from one another. Though the mediums are aplenty, it now almost feels intrusive to call someone when one could simply text. 

Yet, and this is the crux of it, a text is never commensurate with a phone call. Emojis, as useful as they may be, cannot convey emotions and tone in the way we may wish them too. Banter, irony, sarcasm and even a compliment can be lost or wrongly interpreted, resulting in varying degrees of incomprehension -or offense- on the part of its reader. Were these words to be voiced in a call, no doubt would the risk for misunderstanding and miscommunication lessened. 

Not one to fully succumb to the nostalgia of how things were before cell phones (though, spoiler alert, they were way better in more ways than one), I do sometimes miss the ease with which proper conversations would take place over the phone, uninterrupted and unfiltered. So here's the thing: whether deep or trivial, if conversations with friends are to remain something meaningful we should always make time to call.