Escapism - otherwise known as the habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine - is an invaluable coping mechanism against the brutal monotony that invariably sets in at times. This escape from the banalities of everyday life transcends physical limitations, which it substitutes -at least temporarily- with the unlimited realms of the mind. Conjured up as a dream, a wander in the local park complete with a rest under the banana tree, provides the perfect setting for an imagined tropical getaway, minus the unbearable humidity (bonus!). In those moments, the dream trumps the now, which at any rate is a valuable skill to have when confronted with unpleasantries that every day life may subject you to. It is a feeling of pure joy and freedom to know that, even just for an instant, you can be transported elsewhere. Go ahead, try it, it is one of the few feel goods that is still free!