As summer is drawn to a close, with layers standing in for previously unabashed bear skin, we are confronted once more with the impermanence of things. Summer subsumed into fall -with winter slowly rearing its head- and time slowly steering us closer to another year end. And admittedly, there is no better place to admire these incessant changes than by the sea. The change in tide coupled with the ever eroding cliffside, is a reminder of life's perpetual motion. Going through my Cornwall road trip photos at a time when my health has been seriously challenged has served as an uplifting reminder of resilience and beauty, even where one has to weather a storm. 


Amidst miles and miles of wonderfully striking coastline, this last stop really blew us away. With its staggering size, spanning over multiple joined peaks, Tintagel Castle was a sight to behold. It was as if we had stepped into a far away land of dungeons and dragons. The castle blends seamlessly in its surroundings, casting a timeless beauty from land to sea.