A road trip through Cornwall is not for the fainthearted as your nerves come to be tested both in (thanks to extremely narrow country roads) and outside of your vehicle (particularly if, like my mother, you have vertigo). But make no mistake, these bursts of adrenaline are what makes this trip so exhilarating and the views at the end of each drive are worth every held breath along the way!

With its rock towers and cliff formations reminiscent of views from another road trip I took this year, Bedruthan Steps - on the north coast of Cornwall between Newquay and Padstow - is a spectacular spot for a wander. Legend has it that the granite rocks that punctuate the beach are stepping stones for the Giant Bedruthan. For us mere mortals, the National Trust has rebuilt the steep cliff staircase granting access to the beach. Though the beautiful golden beach is known to disappear at high tide, we were fortunate to have caught it in its full glory, unhindered by the strong currents of the great Atlantic ocean.