From Newquay, we moved on to Padstow, with its charming town, endless fields and wonderful sandy beaches on both sides of the river. There are two sides to Padstow: one which will please the foodies, with your choice of popular eateries and cafés serving to-die-for cakes; and one which tugs on the heartstrings of the nature lover and the explorer. Following the path down to the beach is a glorious stroll, culminating in a small climb down through its exceptional rock formations.

Our curiosity piqued by the sight of people wandering the beaches across the river, we hopped on the ferry to see whether grass really is greener on the other side. Equal in both breadth and beauty, the beach on the other shore stood out against its hilly background and smoothly undulating beachgrass. There is a sweet serenity here, one which captivates you within moments and draws you further and further around the headland to seek your own quiet spot on the beach.