/tʃeɪndʒ/  noun. an act or process through which something becomes different.


Whether it's a change of season, city or job, transitioning from one to the next is never easy. From the discomfort of showing a little more skin after months of cosy layers, to the arduous endeavours of moving / job hunting, change is challenging. Though I am constantly told to embrace change, little is said of the growing pains felt in the interim, before the change becomes the new norm. The uncertainty of it all, a constant reminder of the fallacy that is our sense of control on life. 

Admittedly, my journey is as much a product of my own choices and experiences as it is simply a reaction to what life has thrown my way. But ultimately, what determines the experience and conditions the outcome is my attitude in the face of change. It may sound like a platitude, and indeed might be common place to say, but as I have come to realise, dragging my feet will not prevent change. And conversely, trying new things will not compromise my journey, in fact it may even enhance it. Change carries with it new perspective, fresh opportunities and added potential for growth. 

With this comes the realisation of how much as a society we fear change, we dread true freedom and lack trust in the journey. True freedom to choose, and remove oneself from the boxes and order that society constructs, allegedly 'for' us but often restricting us. The word freedom has come to evoke uncertainty. What cannot be categorised, what doesn't fit in a neat box (and just one at that) often, sadly, denotes failure. 

To be sure, I miss the certainty of knowing what is around the corner and where life is taking me next, as was the case during my student days. Yet, and this is the catch, predictability does not guarantee 'happy'. Only you can guarantee 'happy', whatever that means for you. 

So this here is me, going down the path of uncertainty, revelling in the creative freedom and rejoicing in the world of opportunities that it may bring.

And I hope you'll join me on this incredible journey. 

 "You'll have turned yourself from somebody who's 'thinking of', who 'might', who's 'trying', to someone who DID. And once you've done it you'll know you can do it again."  J.K. Rowling