It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in Byron Bay. It was in fact only a few weeks back, and though it feels almost surreal, the images remain vivid in my mind. I remember taking the few steps down to the beach and up onto the Pass. And how could I forget that view, complete with miles of untouched sandy beaches, strong waves and passionate surfers. 

This  brings to mind a discussion I had with a friend who is currently road tripping around Australia. I asked her whether after a while all the beaches start to look the same and whether they consequently lose a little of their magic. And whilst there is no doubt that familiarity breeds contempt, her reply was simple: it can get repetitive but never boring. I couldn't agree more, there is undoubtedly something special about the Australian coastline.

Accustomed to beaches that are no longer untouched - often overbuilt and overcrowded - Byron Bay's pristine natural landscape is a dream. Head to the Pass to get a little above it all and catch the incredible spectacle offered by the Pacific ocean.