Put simply, I am not a jewellery person. Shoes, yes. Coats, yes. Sunglasses even, yes. Jewellery, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I am fondly attached to a few sentimental pieces that never leave my fingers and earlobes – forsaking all other pieces as not special enough or, dare I say, as cheap costume jewellery. However, there comes a time where the high street proves you wrong, and none does it better than Zara. 

Stumbling upon these earrings during the sales, I was immediately drawn to their oblong teardrop shape and oversized curve. After some debate and awkward sizing up of the packaged item to my face, I finally decided to take the leap. After all, they would make a fun addition to my very classic dailies. 

Whether worn to add drama to a classic jeans and tee combo or as the highlight to an evening outfit, these earrings never fail to make a bold and playful statement. 

p.s: Yes, they are heavy..go big or go home!

Earrings: ZAra (similar here and here)