Maybe it’s a false sense of mischief and rebellion or maybe it’s simply my obsession with outwardly unique designs, either way, I simply can't resist the artfully undone. Think of it as the fashion equivalent of the ‘messy hair’ look: a painfully thought through and carefully constructed garment designed to look effortless - especially when worn with 'just threw that on' insouciance.

Such a meticulously dishevelled look rides the so wrong it looks right wave with a carefree attitude to balance out the carefully planned style. It treads lightly between scruffy and pretty, which is precisely where things get interesting. I’m not talking distressed denim and uneven hemlines, all of which we have become immune to. It is the deconstructed shirt, the exaggerated proportions and frumpy fits that have this particular appeal.

Understandably, this isn’t for everyone. If clean and proper is where you live, than avert your eyes now. However, for those who embrace the beauty of imperfection, the carefully undone look is for you. I am invariably drawn to this aesthetic, which in keeping with my own, is the right ratio of ease to put-togetherness.

Dress: H&M - earrings and ring: Vintage