Often underrated because of its potential for bulkiness, layering offers the promise of adaptability with true personality at the core. As individuals, and even more so as women, we are inherently multifaceted. The appeal of the layering process then, is creating a multidimensional facade, one that can at once peacock and shield, conceal and embolden, all the while providing the ability to weather the storm.   

Whether its a beautiful lingerie set, concealed under strict office attire, brought to life by a vibrant coat or a whimsical floral dress, toughened by a leather jacket, worn under a classic coat, there is no right of wrong way to layer. Though length and proportions are key to fight the abovementioned bulk, there are no hard rules - simply remember that heat tech undergarments are your friends and have fun with the rest.

Layering means you can embrace your penchant for suiting without compromising on comfort and warmth. With this in mind, I effortlessly paired a formal blazer, with a puffer coat. Bold volumes, contrasting with sharp lines in a classic neutral palette, are a strong reflection of me as a person -strict but soft around the edges. Layers provide complexity, depth and character; and that is as true for yourself as it is for your outfit. 

Puffer, blazer, cashmere jumper, gloves and shoes: all h&m - Bag: Coach (vintage)